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Four simple things to fix your credit report.

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2019
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Why Credit is important


Why is Credit Important?

Your credit is your notoriety when you mess it up - it takes some effort to revamp it! Your credit impacts for all intents and purposes each part of your life. (at any rate a great many people don't have money to buy everything, it's simply the manner in which it is) Your FICO assessment is additionally an immediate impression of what hazard you are and the amount you'll pay in premium. In the event that you need a home or a vehicle, CREDIT the main thing the bank will get some information about.

On the off chance that you are searching for an individual advance or a BUSINESS advance, same thing... "What's your FICO rating?" Mortgage holders protection, vehicle protection, even disaster protection organizations are presently pulling your credit. Businesses take a gander at your acknowledge, particularly for employments with a monetary duty will need to see that you are monetarily dependable and your credit is the most ideal path for them to verify that....

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Credit Repair - Dream Maker Homes


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Terms Agreement

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2019



PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE. By using this website, you signify your consent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the website.

Your access to and use of this website, as well as all related websites operated by Dream Maker Homes(which includes HOME OWNERSHIP MADE EASY among others) (collectively the “Site”) is subject to the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing the Site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the Terms of Use and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and the Site are superseded and of no force or effect:

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Healthy Relationships


Leslie Richardson has been teaching couples how to have Healthy Relationships for over 30 years. He is the Founding Pastor of My Father's House International Christian Discipleship Center in Denver Colorado. 

In this powerful lesson couples will learn:                  

  • How to Identify The Five Wounds a person suffers in the Family of Origin
  • Understanding The Male and Female Wiring
  • A very simple way to identify roles each person can switch between that cause the relationship to become toxic. 
  • Access to more profound teaching and tools to help you develop a Healthy Relationship
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The Office of The Prophet 2nd Edition

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2019

Many say they have been called to this sacred and high calling of The Office of The Prophet. If you feel you are called to The Office of The Prophet this please listen t this Audio Book Of Chapter 5 of the 1st Edition of The Office Of The Prophet. 

You are cautioned before listening to this Audio Book, it is not intended to the faint in heart! Proceed with caution. 

Afterwards if you wish to read more you can order your copy of The Office of The Prophet by clicking here.

Read and grow.


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The Office of The Prophet


FOREWORD - By Bishop Earl O. Holiman

This book, “The Office of the Prophet,” by Apostle Leslie D. Richardson, is an inspired document in due season. The timing of such a treatise is immeasurable in its importance to the Body of Christ. The information provided is for “such a time as this,” to help all of us to be better prepared for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His church.

Since the end times speak to us of an increase in the number of “false” prophets, it is incumbent upon us to “know and recognize” the true prophets of God. The information presented in the book does an excellent job of enabling us to ascertain truths on this subject. The author is to be commended for his research and commitment. I highly recommend this book for your prayerful consideration. I know the author to be a truly dedicated and sincere man of God.

It has certainly been both a pleasure and privilege to have mentored the author...

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