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Empowering People  

Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Financially  

Leslie D. Richardson Sr. 

A Pastor, Published Author, Life Skills Coach, and a Real Estate Investor.

My passion is empowering people Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Financially.  

After many years of working in Corporate America, from GM, Ford Motor Company, IBM, FedX, and United Airlines, I have come to a place in life to recognize the most important thing a person can learn is how to work on themselves. Discovering yourself and your full potential is the most important journey a person can be on. 

I have taken all of the experience life as taught me and I'm now teaching others how to discover their God given gifts and talents.

Walking in a strong apostolic market place anointing. Equipping entrepreneur’s with relevant insight on how to walk into their promise land. 

God has blessed me with a vast knowledge of real estate investment, and financing for Residential and Commercial Investors. 

 This service is offered through LDR LLC which is  independently owned and operated, and is not part of any other business and marketing source. 

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Leslie D. Richardson Sr.

"Your journey Partner."


Servant Leader Leslie D. Richardson Sr.

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.." Mat 6:33

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the 1st Edition of The Office of The Prophet.

The Healing CD By: Leslie D. Richardson Sr. In this CD Leslie D. Richardson Sr. walks his listeners through every passage of scripture in the Holy Bible that has the root word Heal in it. Many people have used this awesome tool to minister to their loved ones who are sick and shut-in. Get your free copy today.

The Healing Project

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Getting Grounded In The Faith

In this series of mini lessons I walk you through the basic principles of Discipleship. I have used these tools to help many people to get Grounded in Their Faith, so they can help others. 

"We've got to move from membership to discipleship to being full-time Christians, not part-time saints. That means operating comprehensively on the value system of Heaven as we move about in history."

Tony Evans

Four Easy Steps To Discipleship

Welcome to the Prophetic Thought Leaders Academy

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"It is unwise to think the same level of thinking can bring solutions to the problems it has birth."

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Get a copy of my free audiobook,
the 1st Edition of The Office of The Prophet.

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