You’re a genius!

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2020

You’re a genius! Most people who read that first sentence are in the midst of an internal battle trying to convince themselves otherwise. Why is this? Why is it that the second we hear something we perceive to lack integrity we immediately attack this new information.

While most of us aren’t the epitome of a genius, we do have a very healthy source of information on a variety of different subjects. If I asked you to teach me how to shoot a basketball, most people would be able to give me basic instructions on how to do so.

While if I asked Michael Jordan to teach me how to shoot a basketball, he would theoretically be able to give me in depth instructions on how to do so. Thus increasing the value of those instructions, simply by the difference in who is giving them. Think of something that you are very confident in your ability to communicate.

Where does this confidence come from? Most will say experience, some instruction, and few will say that it is an innate ability to communicate with the world around them. What if I told you that you could get paid by simply sharing what you already know. Turning the wealth of information that you already have into a wealth of finances that you may be lacking.


If there is anything that recent world events have taught us all, it is that we must have multiple sources of reliable income. You may not have Michael Jordan expertise on how to shoot a basketball, but I am sure that you are an expert in something.

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