Looking for help to set up my website


There are so many directions to go, when considering setting up a website, and developing an online platform.

Here are a couple of options to consider:

  • The Free Route  

  • Ask a friend to help you

  • Do a GOOGLE search

  • Search Youtube

  • Hire a Web developer

The list goes on. After a person starts down one path and they find themselves even more confused where to start, they do like most people...they never start. 

The key to online presence is really simple. START! Start somewhere. Do all you can to keep from getting stuck in the proverbial loop  of "paralysis by analysis." 

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you sat in the garage in your car and ask one thousand question about your car to make sure you understood everything about it, before starting the engine? I think you get the pictures.

Getting your business online is no different. Until you put the key in the ignition and turn the darn thing on you are "stuck like chuck. "

Here is a word to the wise, never, ever, allow anyone to control your online presence. Once you do this you will be tied to them and you will find out the hard way why I said this. The proper application of knowledge is power. This is so important I will not even elaborate on it. If you avoid this priceless piece of wisdom, you have bigger problem than trying to take your business online.

Follow these simple steps and you will be off and running in no time:

  1. START! Get off your dairy air, and start.

  2. Register your domain with Godaddy

  3. Register your business name and your personal name. 

  4. Sit down and identify your audience. This is really important.

After you take these four steps, pat yourself on the back! You deserve it. 

Next you need to understand these tools of the trade. K.I.S.S.

  1. Opt in

  2. Value

  3. Offer

This is known as the funnel. You see when a person comes to your website they are not going to read through your thousands of page, heck they hardly will even read your "About Us Page." This one really gets me. Really, a person who comes to your website wants to know one thing...can you help ME?

Keep It Simple Simon ... when a person wants to drill a hole they are more interested in drilling a hole than what color it comes in. Will this drill a hole for me?

Identify your product. You will be surprised how many people really think if they had the magic product they would have a successful online business. Here’s a bit of free advice. You are the product! People always buy from people who they feel comfortable doing business with. This is why it's important to brand you online. Products come and go. (Why you need your name as a domain.)

Next, after you have identified your audience, and you recognize you are the main product, you will use the web as a way to connect with your audience and add value to them. 

Just like you found this blog there are millions of people looking for you on the web. If you are not laser focused, and have the tools in place, you will be just like trillions of website on the web that just sit there like a ship without a sale. 

Take time to stop and digest this information and give me some feedback. Let me know where you need help.  Wish you well in your journey. 

Here’s a free gift for just stopping by today. 


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