How to develop a Healthy Relationships

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

Imagine your very first relationship. What was it like? Did you get butterflies when you saw them? Did you talk until all hours of the night? And when it ended, what did you take away from the experience? Most will say that while it hurt, the relationship taught them a lot. Showed them the things that they wanted and didn’t want out of future relationships, whether they were with a significant other or elsewhere. 

Most of us have ideas of what a relationship should look like. Those models were made for us to see far before we even started school. And for most those ideals took root and began to blossom into what we now believe a relationship should entail.

There are several types of relationships that we all will encounter as we go through life. Parent and child relationships, friendships, marriage, and even business relationships. And just like the rest of the world you have come up with an idea of what each and every one of those relationships should look like. Whether this is based on information, heart ache, or just flat out trial and error, most would agree it boils down to personal experience. 

But what if I told you that everything you learned from those experiences was absolutely wrong, and could only be attributed to the person that you experienced it with. And while these lessons have served you in not experiencing the same pain over again they also prevented you from learning how to form truly healthy, lasting relationships with the people around you. People are what I call lifes currency, because without them life holds little value. If you are tired of constantly feeling like your relationships are holding on by a thread and want to learn how to create life-long Healthy Relationships in this short video class. Click the image above to check it out.