Fasting for 2020 Breakthrough - Leslie D. Richardson


Well, here we are another year and a brand new decade! Many people are looking for spiritual direction through fasting and prayer. Some have submitted themselves to the so-called "Daniel Fast" and have made preparations for all of their meals for this time of consecration. Others have written recipe books and marketing material promoting their approach to this topic. If you read the scripture you will find the fast Daniel went on said he eat "no pleasant food" yet Christians are finding pleasure in their fasting with a designer approach to fasting. 

After several years of following this traditional discipline, I have become concerned because I see the same people doing the same thing, and they are stuck like Chuck. Never really able to walk in what they say they are believing God for. 

When you have been doing anything for a year you should look at it closely. If you have been doing something for two years or more become suspicious of it. If you have been anything for more then 3years change it.

Many will find what I'm saying in this lesson problematic because if your hearing is not trained to listen to the truth, perhpas you will walk away with the thought I'm saying a Christian should not fast, which I'm not. 

In this lesson, I lay out some fundamental truths I believe all Christians can benefit from. Feel free to share your comments with me. 

Thanks for listening. 


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