The New Year of 2020



Here's a question for you. This time last year you were probably feeling good about the upcoming year, as you should. You expected it to be your year. Perhaps you wrote down your goals and completed your vision board.
What's different about this year from last year?
Here is something I've discovered perhaps it will assist you in 2020. The end result of my year and all I do is governed by my mindset. Until I deal with my core belief systems, some call them paradigms, nothing will change. What is in your core beliefs about how you see yourself will drive your results. Now, most people will read this and probably agree with it. Some may even disagree just to be disagreeable.
The fact remains, as you see yourself so shall others see you. Numbers 13:33. Changing your core beliefs on your own is impossible. This is why you need a Journey Partner who can help you to identify your blind spots. Someone who will hold you accountable, (now there's a dirty word.) to the journey of discovering yourself. A Journey Partner is not a fixer-upper, but someone who enjoys being alongside you to watch you discover what's inside you. God has already made you embrace it for who you are and stop trying to be somebody others want you to be. Don't allow a day on a calendar to dictate your self-worth.
You have not failed, you have not come short you just simply have grown a little bit more and gotten closer to your true self. You are an original, nobody can beat you at being you. Take the pressure off enjoy being you and be about living out your script God has written for you. It's a heavenly script and only written for you to fulfill. Follow Him and be true to God first and then yourself. The world will be a better place. Thanks for listening. #Authentic


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