Adversity is prosperity with the right attitude

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020


Through adversity a choice is born, and it is through these choices that an eternal story of destiny is written.

The first super market this country had ever seen was opened by a man named Micheal Cullen. He saw a need for people to be able to buy items at a discounted rate but on a much larger scale. In an economy that was actively in decline due to the effects of the great depression Cullen saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Had he not opened King Kullen’s Grocery we may have never seen modern supermarkets like Walmart and Sam’s club.

What about you? Are you looking for the light, or just trying to survive through some of your darkest days? Opportunities are only as good as the preparation that went into accomplishing them. And adversity possesses the ability to create wonderful opportunities for people with the right attitude, but the outcome is completely up to you. 

How many times do you run into adversity and get excited about the problem you’ve just encountered? I think it is safe to assume this is a seldom reaction for the majority of people reading this. 

Destiny is written when preparation meets an opportunity. And at LDR LLC we want to help you prepare for your opportunity, so that you hold the power to write your own destiny. Every great thing this world has to offer came by way of someone’s ability to conquer their circumstance. It may seem impossible right now but so was going to the moon.

So if you are tired of just taking what life gives, and are ready to become the master of your misfortune.  Take the first step towards becoming the light in some of your darkest days.