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Want To Become A Disciple Of Jesus Christ?

Take the 90 day challenge from Senior Servant Leader Leslie D. Richardson Sr. 

"Follow me 90 days, meeting twice a week and I guarantee you your life will change for the better. "



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Download Our Free Worksheet 'How To Read Through Your Bible."


Get your free PDF file and follow this easy proven step by step on how to read through your bible. After you complete the finish you will receive a signed certificate of completion from our ministry.


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Learn the vision of My Father's House ICDC

The vision of our ministry is really simple, but effective. Check it out for yourself, as Senior Servant Leader - Leslie D. Richardson Sr. walks  you through the vision of our ministry.

Habk. 2:20




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Leslie & Lily Richardson 

Servant Leaders 

My Father's House ICDC

"Denver's Only Discipleship Center"


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