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Discipleship Training - Getting Grounded in the faith.

In this easy step by step four part lesson you will learn how to get grounded in the faith. Learn what the disciples of My Father's House have learned from our Servant Leader.

What's inside

  • Week 1 - Getting Grounded in The Faith
  • Week 2 - Growing In Grace
  • Week 3 - The Regeneration Process
  • Week 4 - Getting Connected
  • A PDF on how to read through your bible
  • A small group lesson on the plan of salvation you can share with family and friends. 


What People Are Saying:

“What I have learned from Apostle Richardson is how to be intentional for my actions and accountable for myself, working on myself as an individual to be a better disciple for my departure and my arrival destination. To seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness at whatever I choose to do in this life. I've learned from Apostle Richardson how to be a good follower so that I may be a great leader.-- ”

Avis Campbell

“Being under the ministry of Pastor Leslie Richardson I truly loved & learned that we were saved to reach one to teach one to reach one. He taught the body to step out of the comfort zone and be prepared to defend why you believe what you believe to study the word for yourself I know that the ministry grew me to understand that I'm an heir to of heaven, not a slave but I have Sonship privileges. That there is an open heaven that I'm the kingdom of God while on this earth. My citizenship is not of this world.I learned that I'm God's representative in the earth. -- ”

Ruthia Martin

“"Sitting under Servant Leader Leslie Richardson Sr. has taught me to trust the Jesus in me. I know it's okay to be me and walk in the calling on my life without needing anyone's permission, since it's who God created me to be and what He called me to do. Because I've witnessed his daily walk with God, in ministry, marriage, and family my relationships have thrived and flourished even through tests and trials. The God-inspired teachings I have and continue to receive, have made me a better Woman of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and witness for God.”

Paula Nubine

“ " I have learned how to be a great Server which leads me into being an awesome Leader in Christ."”

Robert Cain

“Pastor Leslie Richardson is my spiritual father. He empowered me to do the will of God. He taught me about God's abundant love, grace, and mercy. Pastor Richardson taught me about a relationship with God, Abba, my heavenly Father. With Pastor Leslie, it is not church as usual!”

Vero De Leon

“I've learned from Pastor Leslie Richardson how to become more effective in leadership, placing value into people's lives and what my true destiny is. This was achieved by his guiding me to think within myself, and to utilize the completeness that God had invested in me, to an Ambassador for Christ. ”

Bernard Browder

“"There are no words that can begin to describe the how Pastor Richardson has impacted my life as well as my family's life. He has help me grow in ways I never thought possible, helping me to access and tap into my own Blessings and Gifts and begin to fulfill my purpose and walk in divinity. Also, being one of the few people that truly believe in me and challenge me to challenge myself. As a Servant Leader he has gone above and beyond his calling and stepped out just to step in and fill roles that he had no hand in creating; such as being a Father to me in the absence of my own. He and Mother Lily have showed myself and Son such an unconditional Love over the years, we have hardly had the opportunity to notice what we may have been missing out on. Leading and guiding us through a journey called life, I wouldn't rather have any other leader before me." ””

Kiyanya Augmon

“"Learning from Pastor Leslie Richardson changed the trajectory of my life. I went from having a poor self-image, living in fear and beneath my potential, to experiencing the greatest growth spiritually, personally and professionally. "”

Tymesha Sene

“"The teaching I learned from being a disciple at My Father's House with Pastor Leslie Richardson will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you "my Pastor."”

Michelle B